Selkie is the Gaelic word for seal. This is a soulful and sensual telling of a myth about a female seal who dances in the moonlight as a beautiful woman. A lonely hunter falls in love with her and steals her seal skin. Unable to return to the sea the woman becomes his wife but as the years go by she becomes dry and cracked and she longs for the sea.

This show features the alto flute and beautiful textures of it’s deep sound are woven with haunting melodies. The tale is told through a poetic script. The music is inspired by Scottish and Irish Folk music, and also by the music of the Sami peoples of the Arctic Circle. In the northern countries of the world there are many stories of seals changing in to human form. This version is found in Scotland and in the Inuit culture.

Length of show: 50 minutes.
Audience:  The show is aimed at an adult audience. Suitable for adults and children over 8 years.
Requirements: Blackout for shadow screen sequence.

Devised, composed and performed by Rachel Miller
Poems and script written by Gwen Woolley