Rachel Miller has entranced audiences across the UK with her solo shows, performing at theatres, arts and literature festivals, conferences, Jungian lectures and for radio.

In her performances she plays a wide variety of musical instruments. Using modern digital sound technology she is able to record and loop the sounds, live on stage, and with this she builds up evocative and beautiful textures of music and sounds that conjure the images and emotions of a tale.

The tales are told through a lyrical poetic narrative and the result is a powerful, exciting and spellbinding show.

Reviews and Audience Comments

‘I was overwhelmed by the power of the total environment she is able to create for her stories. They are conveyed not only in words but in the remarkable imagery of sound. Sound is so skilfully woven into the words that the story comes alive to all the senses. I felt both transported and transformed by the experience’

Mary Booker, Dramatherapist, Trainer on the MA in Dramatherapy at The School of Dramatherapy, Exeter

'A mesmerising, hypnotic performance which transports you to another plane. Storytelling at it’s finest’

Barbican Theatre, Plymouth

'A captivating storyteller, creating a rich and atmospheric world, mysterious and delightful'

Sharon Gal, Resonance 104.4FM Radio, London

'Rachel Miller makes Jung's concept of the collective unconscious alive, through a musical and narrative landscape that shimmers with the power of the archetype. She captures the essence of myth and fairy tale in her powerful performance and brings vitality to arcane patterns of being and behaviour that nestle in the cultural consciousness of fairytales and myths.

The music tingles with archetypal image - those who are drawn to experience the imaginative through music should not miss this.'

Penny Norris, Jungian Analyst, Author and organiser of Jung Winter Lecture Series

Audience comments:

‘Deeply moving, magical, spellbinding and just beautiful.’

‘Absolutely captivating and totally mesmerising –a wonderful performance’

‘Excellent and enchanting – a great talent’

‘Fantastic magical evening – more please!’

‘I was transported and reluctant to return to reality.’

‘An ocean of sounds, words, space and silence – how beautiful’

‘I loved how you used the instruments, samples, your voice and presence with such creativity.’

‘Great presence – totally beautiful sounds and atmosphere.’

‘I was entranced – your voice and music were exciting and so beautiful. I loved all the instruments and technology magic.’

‘The music was beautiful – actually indescribable – my soul was nurtured by the richness and depth of your stories and the passageway of sounds.’

‘What an incredible moving performance – I was spellbound.’

‘I was transported – the emotional life of the characters resonated powerfully through the music, the beautiful sound of the flute and wonderful storytelling’

‘I have seen many storytellers and been to many festivals – Rachel is one of the very best – a real creative talent’