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Baba Yaga - This is a fiery, dynamic and sometimes very poignant show steeped in archetypal imagery. It tells of a young girl’s journey to get fire from Baba Yaga.

The Children of Lir – This is one of the great sorrowful tales in mythology. It is a potent Irish tale of love, loss and transformation

Selkie – Selkie is the Gaelic word for seal. This is a soulful and sensual show about love, loss and longing.

The Descent of Innana – This ancient Sumerian myth is one of the oldest stories ever recorded. It is an intense story about death and renewal.

The life story of Princess Mandarava – Princess Mandarava was the first wife of Padmasambhava who brought Buddhism to Tibet. This gripping story is told using words from Buddhist texts and teachings.

Each show is approximately 45 minutes.