Baba Yaga

This CD is available for purchase online for 10.00 from Digital Music Archives

This CD is a unique and incredibly evocative weaving of words, music and sonic textures that brings to life this fiery Russian tale. The recording is faithful to the live performance. Listen to audio excerpts from the CD:

Baba Yagas Hut
The Little Doll

New CD out soon

Swans Beyond the Tide

A soulful and powerful telling of two classic Celtic Tales brought to life through beautiful music and evocative sonic textures.

The Children of Lir is one of the great sorrowful tales. It is a potent tale of love, loss and transformation

Selkie is a sensual and poignant tale of a seal woman who has her skin stolen by a lonely hunter. Forced to marry him and live on land she longs to return to the sea.

Composed and narrated by Rachel Miller.
Poetic script by Gwen Woolley